Swim Spa FAQs

  1. Delivery to an elevated surface will require a crane at an additional expense. Standard delivery is ground level only, no steps or sloped yards.
  2. Lowering a swim spa into a recessed space (into a hole in a deck or lower elevation)
  3. Indoor Deliveries
  4. Use of crane, forklift of other mechanical equipment (we can refer you to equipment rental groups for special situations)
  5. Difficult to access locations (over retaining walls, elevated decks, steep sloping yards, etc)’

FREE delivery includes:

  1. Delivery of swim spa to clear, obstruction free location with 2 delivery men
  2. Installation of cover
  3. Assembly & Installation of optional accessories (ex: cover lifter, umbrella, handrail, steps, etc)
  4. Basic tutorial on operations and water care (water care kit is also included w/ purchase)

Free delivery does NOT include:

  1. Electrical work and materials to bring power to swim spa location (we can refer you to a licensed professional)
  2. Surface/site prep or fence/gate removal
  3. Filling swim spa with water
  4. Leveling swim spa (swim spa location must be level prior to delivery)

Swim spas run between $20,000 to $50,000, while in-ground pools cost an average of $40,000 to $100,000, depending on installation type, size, and other requirements. The cost to heat a swim spa typically totals between $1 and $3 per day, while an in-ground pool costs more than $5 per day depending on heater type, pool size, and climate. Maintenance costs for swim spas

Swim spas are very versatile when it comes to installation. Whether you choose to create an indoor pool retreat or a more traditional backyard pool paradise, your swim spa can be installed in-ground, freestanding, vaulted into the ground, partially recessed in-ground, or with a deck surround.

Serving as an all seasons pool™, a swim spa enables you to harness water’s natural ability to soothe and strengthen your body and mind any time of the year. Swimming is an ideal entry-level exercise option for those just beginning their health journey or recovering from an injury. It’s also a challenging choice for athletes of all levels eager to get into the best shape of their lives from the year-round privacy of their own backyard.

Some people are attracted to the numerous health and wellness features they offer and others like the convenience they provide. Regardless of whether you’re creating a staycation-worthy backyard or an all seasons pool™ option, swim spas can increase the amount of fun, relaxation and fitness level for everyone in your family.