Updating your backyard is an exciting adventure. With so many possibilities, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Swim spas are the ultimate backyard addition, bringing fun, fitness, and pure relaxation to your home, all in one compact unit.

If you’ve been considering investing in a swim spa, but aren’t sure exactly how they work or the endless potential they provide, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will explore it all, from how they make swimming in place possible (and more challenging) to the amazing health benefits, and even share some unexpected workout possibilities.

Your backyard will never be the same after your swim spa is installed.


Swim spas are the perfect combination between a hot tub and a pool.

With their compact design and perfectly heated water, you can easily enjoy a quality swim or soothing hydromassage every day of the year, no matter how cold the weather gets.

Their advanced design makes it possible for you to easily push yourself through a challenging swim without ever moving forward in the water, making swimming at home more accessible than ever.

Swimming in place may seem strange, but swim spas have made it possible.

They’re designed with a powerful jet at the front of the swim area that generates a customizable current of water for you to swim against, keeping your body in place without jeopardizing your workout.

While this jet is enough on its own to provide a great swim, each Jacuzzi®️ Swim Spa is equipped with buoyancy jets to help lift your body into the perfect place to optimize your swimming experience.

With various speed settings, you can easily find one to match your current swimming level, ensuring you get a quality swim without needing ample space like a lap pool.


Due to their unique design, swim spas provide a robust range of benefits for your health and lifestyle.

1. Improves Circulation

Due to the perfectly heated water in your swim spa, this benefit is easy to experience each time you dive in, whether for a workout or to massage your aching muscles after a long day.

The heat from the water will help expand your blood vessels, allowing your heart to pump your blood through your body more effectively.

Better yet, while working out in the water, you’ll be better able to send oxygen-rich blood to your muscles, making for a more effective workout and keeping your muscles properly supported throughout each exercise.

2. Better Mobility

As the heated water warms your muscles, they’ll begin to relax and loosen, while the buoyancy of the water helps reduce the pressure on your joint, giving them time to rest and recover.

While this alone can give you more flexibility and help you regain some mobility both in and out of the water, the hydromassage you experience each time you lean back in the hot tub seats can take this even further.

By including a relaxing massage in your regular routine, your muscles can begin maintaining their relaxed state, aiding in mobility longer term while also relieving joint or muscle pain you may have been struggling with.

To maximize the long-term improvements to your mobility, try including some gentle stretching during each of your spa sessions.

3. Immediate Recovery

Recovery is an essential step in any workout regime, however, it’s often overlooked or passed over as people rush out of the gym.

With a swim spa, recovery is simple.

After your workout, float back and enjoy a deep tissue massage from the jet-lined seats.

Not only will this massage help your muscles flush the lactic acid that builds up in them during intense exercise, but it helps reduce post-workout stiffness and pain.

Better yet, with the improved circulation you experience simply by being surrounded by warm water, it’s easier for your blood to move through your body and better oxygenate each muscle for improved recovery.

4. Pain Relief

Hydrotherapy has been proven to reduce pain in many studies, and has even found success in helping support pain relief for those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

This happens for a few reasons.

First, the buoyancy from the water helps remove the weight your joints experience throughout the day as they support your every move.

This gives them time to decompress and recover.

Secondly, As your muscles relax and release the tension they’ve been holding, your body will be able to shift back into its most natural state and remove the pain caused by consistently tight muscles.

And lastly, as your circulation improves, your body is better able to support the areas of your body that require it most, helping the source of your pain slowly recover.

5. Improved Sleep

While exercise itself can help improve your sleep, swim spas take that even further simply through the natural temperature fluctuations it produces in your body.

While in the water, your muscles are slowly relaxing and releasing any tension they’ve been under, and your body temperature is slowly rising.

Then, as you leave the water, your temperature quickly drops, which begins the process of preparing your body for rest.

As your body temperature drops, your brain begins sending signals to your body that it’s time to sleep.

Not only can this help you fall asleep faster, but you’ll wake up feeling more rested because your muscle tension is no longer taking up your energy, allowing it to better support your body and aid in its recovery while you sleep.

6. Fun For The Whole Family

Whether you love inviting all your friends and family over or you want to prioritize family time, swim spas make it easy to bring everyone together.

Not only will it help get kids of all ages out of the house, even during the winter, but it gives you a quiet, undisturbed space to reconnect without distractions.


Each Jacuzzi®️ Swim Spa model is equipped with a Soft Stride mat, making it possible to move through a variety of workouts without worrying about losing your grip as you push yourself to the max.

While they provide the ultimate swimming environment, there are so many other exercises you can do in your swim spa that can make it the perfect addition to your workout routine.

Here are five great ways to use your swim spa that aren’t swimming!

1. Running

Your swim spa creates the perfect atmosphere for cardio of any kind. Whether running is how you prefer to warm up or your chosen form of cardio, your swim spa is the perfect all-season track.

Simply turn on the current to the speed you want, and start running against it. Between the Soft Grip floor and the power of the jet, you’ll be firmly kept in place and enjoy a top-quality run.

Not only will you be protecting your joints, but the heat from the water will make it easier than ever to warm up before you turn it up and really challenge yourself.

2. Squats

The large open swim area makes it easy to add some bodyweight exercises into your regular routine.

While the water supports your weight on the way down, you’ll build strength as you fight the resistance of it each time you stand back up.

3. Flutter Kicks

Jacuzzi®️ Swim Spas are designed with multiple levels throughout their interior, making it simple to include crunches or flutter kicks into your workout routine.

Whether you want to challenge yourself by holding your body above one of the ledges or are taking it slow and need to sit on the edge to support your body, get comfortable, tighten your core, and lift your legs to kick up and down.

Your core and legs will be burning in no time!

4. Rowing

With attachment options for resistance bands, you can also include resistance workouts into your routine.

After attaching your bands, you can either stand or squat for an even bigger burn and pull the bands toward you.

Not only will you be strengthening your arms, but you’ll be fighting the added resistance of the water each time you pull the bands back.

5. Yoga

Yoga in water may seem strange, but swim spas make it easy to move through a challenging flow and help you get stronger!

As you maintain your balance with each pose, the small muscles in your ankles and feet will work overtime to combat the movement of the water, giving you better stability outside the water.

Additionally, the added mobility you’ll discover will allow you to sink deeper into each pose, letting you further stretch and strengthen your muscles with each movement.


Whether you want to include a fun way to reconnect with your family or seek the perfect way to boost your home workout routine, swim spas do it all.

With various workout options, like yoga and resistance training, and health benefits that will leave you feeling your best, adding a swim spa to your backyard can be the ultimate way to reinvigorate your daily life.


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