How does lounging back under crystal clear, toasty warm water and a deep tissue massage sound?

Pretty amazing, right?!

Not only is a quiet soak in your hot tub a superbly relaxing experience, but it also boasts a serious range of benefits!

These benefits may leave you shocked, but we’re excited to share them with you. We think you’re going to be surprised at how adding this one thing to your backyard can impact your daily life!

Have we piqued your interest? 

Then keep reading because, in this article, we’re going to explore all the ways owning a hot tub can benefit you.


While many people are quick to align hot tubs with relaxation (and they’re not wrong!), they can provide so much more than just that!

Hot tub benefits come in various forms, from lifestyle to health, and nothing will be left off this list. Let’s get started.

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Supporting your body and keeping your health in check is essential and something that’s at the top of many people’s lists, especially as a new year kicks off.

While going to the gym, spending more time outdoors, and drinking more water are important, there’s another (more enjoyable) way to help boost your health as well…

Soaking in a hot tub!

Spending time in warm water can supercharge your health in surprising ways, and there has been a wide range of studies that have focused on just that. 

While listing all of them here would have you reading for hours, we’ll share some of the most widely experienced ones below. 

1. Better Circulation

As you enjoy a quiet soak each night, the warmth of the water will help your blood flow better throughout your entire body. 

How does this happen?

The heat from the water helps expand your blood vessels. This allows your blood to move through your body more efficiently and reach the areas that are farthest away from your heart, like your feet and hands. 

Having better circulation helps with a range of things, most notably with blood pressure.

It also plays a vital role in oxygenating your body properly.

2. Improved Mobility

Have you ever experienced the relaxation of muscles after taking a bath or hot shower?

This happens because the warm water helps reduce tension in your muscles, allowing them to lengthen and move back into their natural state. 

When you’re sitting in your hot tub, your muscles will naturally begin to release and relax, making it easier for you to move. The increased circulation also helps with this, ensuring your muscles are receiving the proper amount of blood and oxygen to function optimally.

To make this improved movement last even outside the warm water, include some gentle stretching while you soak. This will help your muscles stretch better and maintain their relaxed state longer.

3. Less Pain

With better circulation and improved mobility comes reduced pain. 

Whether you suffer from lower back pain like many Americans across the country or are ailed with aching joints from arthritis, spending a short time soaking in a hot tub each day can help decrease your pain.  

As you relax in your spa, the jets will help massage your muscles, easing them into a more relaxed state and reducing tension throughout your entire body. 

Additionally, submerging yourself in water helps reduce the pressure your body experiences as it supports you throughout each day. The water surrounding you creates a weightlessness, allowing your joints to rest and recover during your soak.

4. Stress and Anxiety Relief

With stress at an all-time high and anxiety on the rise, finding natural ways to support your mental health has never been more important.

Not only will your spa session help you relax, but it also helps your body release those feel-good endorphins that leave you feeling calm and completely at ease.

This happens simply from the gentle pressure of the water surrounding you. The slight compression it provides can feel like a warm hug, inducing feelings of safety and comfort. 

This helps slow your mind and breathing, easing you into a more relaxed state and combating your lingering anxiety and stress.

5. More Calories Burnt

While this may be difficult to believe, it’s true. 

The heat from the water helps you burn calories as you relax. As your heart pumps harder and your body temperature rises, your body will slowly burn additional calories, making your spa session far more rewarding!

6. Faster Recovery

As mentioned above, soaking in your spa increases your circulation, which plays a direct role in your recovery, whether it be from an injury or following an intense workout. 

This allows your blood to better target the muscles that need repair, allowing them to be saturated with oxygen-rich blood, promoting faster healing. 

7. Improved Sleep

Not only will your relaxed muscles help you sleep better, but the quick change in your body temperature during and after your spa session will leave you heading for bed shortly after!

Your body temperature plays a vital role in your body’s sleep response, and as your temperature quickly drops after you leave your spa, your brain will begin signaling to the body that it’s time to sleep. 

This will help you fall asleep faster than normal and keep you asleep longer throughout the night. 

Lifestyle Benefits of Hot Tubs

While those health benefits may have left you in awe, the impacts a hot tub can have on your lifestyle may be even more surprising. 

Hot tubs offer so much more than just a boost in your health. They also support a lively, enjoyable lifestyle, making every second at home more enjoyable than ever. 

1. More Quality Time With Loved Ones

Whether it’s during an exciting hot tub party with your closest friends or spending some one-on-one time with your kids, owning a hot tub can help you create more memorable moments with the people that matter most. 

With your busy lifestyle, it’s easy to discover family time has fallen to the wayside as you’ve focused on your career goals or been fighting to keep up with all your responsibilities. 

Hot tubs make it easy to find a small portion of every day to spend with your favorite people in the ultimate, enjoyable way.

2. An Improved Self-Care Routine

Self-care is an important aspect of your routine, and forgoing it can result in higher stress, more irritability, and an overall lower quality of life.

Setting aside a small window of time each day, or every few days, to give back to yourself can go a long way.

Not only does it give you a chance to recharge, but it can help give you something to look forward to, acting as a natural reward after a busy day.

3. Higher Home Value

The value of your home comes in two distinct forms: 

  1. Your perceived value based on your enjoyment of it
  2. The financial value

Elevating your backyard with a hot tub can serve to boost both.

Hot tubs are an investment, and when added to your home, they can quickly amplify its market value for years to come. Pair that with making your free time at home more enjoyable than ever, and the value of your home will skyrocket!

4. Spend More Time Outside 

Whether it’s getting out in the fresh air or keeping your kids away from video games for a few hours, your hot tub makes it easy to get more time outside. 

Spending time outdoors has been shown to have significant positive effects, and during the damp, cold, and dark winter months, it’s common to cut down on the amount of time you spend outside. 

Being able to soak in your hot tub even as the snow falls can make spending time outside during the winter more desirable and infinitely more enjoyable!


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